Closer to the Sun

Participants form a circle around an object on the ground identified as the sun. Ask participants to move closer to or further from the sun dependent upon the accuracy of each statement.

  1. I live in [blank] County.
  2. I was born in [blank] State.
  3. I like my job.
  4. This is the best job I ever had.
  5. I like to work alone.
  6. Hearing everyone’s viewpoint is important.
  7. I like to have all the information before I get started.
  8. I am OK with last minute changes.
  9. Conflict makes me stronger.
  10. I am always open to feedback.
  11. Winning is important to me.
  12. I seek out people who are different to me.
  13. I email most of my communication.
  14. I would rather lead than be led.
  15. More hands make light work.
  16. I am comfortable expressing my feelings.
  17. I like to work with the same people most of the time.
  18. I work harder than most people.
  19. Good enough is never enough.
  20. Pay people the best salaries and they will deliver the best product.

Reflection/Processing: (Important! Be sure to ask several of these questions at the end of the activity.)

  1. About which person did you learn the most? …the least?
  2. Which people do you hope to get to know better? Why?
  3. Which answer surprised you most?
  4. Which person do you think/feel is most like you? Which seems least like you?
  5. In what ways did this activity help you get acquainted with other group members?
  6. If you were to lead this activity with another group, what will you do similarly or differently?

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