1, 2, 3

  1. Ask everyone to find a partner, preferably somebody new or somebody they do not normally work with.
  2. Have them face each other. Close enough to be just inside each others comfort zone.
  3. Explain this game is played in rounds. Each round begins on your command and lasts for approximately 30 seconds.
  4. Round One.
    Each pair needs to decide who is player A, and who is player B.
    Instruct them they will count up to 3. A – says 1, B – says 2, A – says 3, then B – continues with 1, A – says 2, B – says 3, then A – continues with 1, and so on for 30 seconds.
    Keep the pairs close facing each other maintaining eye contact. Begin.You will observe this is not such an easy task. At the end of the round ask the group what they observed or felt doing this exercise.
  5. Round Two.
    Round two is played just like the first only the number 3 is to be replaced with an action. Demonstrate the action for “Thank you” in ASL. Begin.Ask again after 30 seconds what the group observed and felt.
  6. Round Three.
    Round three is played like round two only the number 3 is no longer “Thank you.” That action now replaces number 2. Number 3 now becomes an enormous shrug of the shoulders. Begin.After 30 seconds the game ends. Ask the group to share their feedback one last time.The beauty of this game is it has no point. The group is required to focus on a simple but silly task, not feeling totally comfortable but enjoying it at the same time. They are now in a more productive mental state.

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