I am constantly looking for ways to infect the workplace, especially meetings, with more fun. We spend most of our adult lives “making a living.” We should enjoy it too. I am not talking about silly-hats or wearing trinkets to show we are celebrating but the joy of seeing people unselfconsciously laugh or grin from ear to ear then fostering an environment to positively encourage this as the norm.

  • Games help us tap into positive emotions like curiosity, optimism, creativity, and even love. These emotions stay with us up to 24 hours after we play.
  • We are more likely to cooperate with someone in our real lives after we have played a social game with them involving a cooperative mission.
  • We are more likely to set an ambitious goal for ourselves after we have succeeded in a game. We will speak up more for ourselves.  (Megan Erikson, Associate Editor, Big Think)

“The power of an exercise is in its de-brief.” http://www.dhavalpanchal.com

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