Copy Claps

An awesome icebreaker. No words. Lots of smiles.



Train Station Greetings

Fun and playful way to begin a session with a large group.


Space Counting

Partner activity in which one person traces the identical path of their partner’s fingers as they draw numbers in the air.



The Human Machine

Form groups of 6 to 8 people. Challenge each group to create a machine out of their members by imitating the appearance and action of the machine with as many parts (gears, levers, etc.) as they can devise. The machine should have motion and sound, and include all team members.
(If a group is having trouble coming up with ideas some quietly shared examples might include becoming a blender, toaster, lawn mower, copy machine, lamp, a bottling plant, or washing machine.)

Give the teams five minutes to prepare their machine. Once the time is up, the teams take turns presenting and guessing each other’s machine.

HM Thumbnail

Crossed or Un-Crossed?

A quick and easy way to gather everyone’s attention. All you need is a pair of scissors.

Big Ball O’Questions

Open a meeting using a beach ball covered with 50 to 100 questions written in permanent ink. Have everyone stand in a circle and toss the ball to one and other. When the ball is caught the question closest to the left thumb is the one to read aloud and answer.

Note: White beach balls work best otherwise avoid those with dark panels.

Beach Ball

Multitasking is Evil

A great exercise to demonstrate the effectiveness of working on one thing at a time. Support the idea of working through a prioritized list by taking each item to completion before pulling in the next piece of work.

Multitasking is Evil