Multitasking is Evil

A great exercise to demonstrate the effectiveness of working on one thing at a time. Support the idea of working through a prioritized list by taking each item to completion before pulling in the next piece of work. Multitasking is Evil

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One of my favorites! Played in a circle (minimum 9). You start in the middle to explain and begin the game. The goal is to get somebody to take your place. The game is played in rounds with an explanation of the rules before starting a new round. I usually timebox this game to 10-15 […]

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Closer to the Sun

Participants form a circle around an object on the ground identified as the sun. Ask participants to move closer to or further from the sun dependent upon the accuracy of each statement. I live in [blank] County. I was born in [blank] State. I like my job. This is the best job I ever had. […]

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Use their images to start conversations. Watch team formation surface in powerful ways. Highly recommend this for every facilitators toolkit. Thanks to Sylvia Taylor for introducing me. VisualsSpeak

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1, 2, 3

Ask everyone to find a partner, preferably somebody new or somebody they do not normally work with. Have them face each other. Close enough to be just inside each others comfort zone. Explain this game is played in rounds. Each round begins on your command and lasts for approximately 30 seconds. Round One. Each pair […]

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The Human Knot

Getting to know each other better is unavoidable. Tip: This works best if you start with a circle not an oblong as it avoids circles forming within circles. For 10 or more players, I’ve played with as many as 50. The Human Knot

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